ASMR is still scientifically unproven. However, that doesn’t mean that it is nonexistent though there are many sceptic opinions about it. It’s very hard to prove something, which existence is only felt or seen by a certain individual. The fundamental problem is that there’s no such thing as a universal stimulus which triggers ASMR among people. For some, it might be the sound of hairdressing scissors and for others, it may be the sound of scraping or finger tapping.  The trigger for some people could be a light brush of the neck or cheek, but for now, that can’t be transferred through the internet. The main goal of this website is the expansion of knowledge about ASMR. I encourage you to watch and rate the effectivness of our gallery of pre-selected short films, published on YouTube. Please do not pay attention to the appearance of the person who is speaking, the only important thing which you should pay attention to when rating is which films are more ASMR triggering. I’m convinced that these ASMR films will bring you a lot of pleasure. Please don’t forget to vote and feel free to comment. Thanks to you it will be possible to figure out which clips are the most stimulating and what’s more, made possible to prove the existence of ASMR which will lead to further research.